You may find the Portsmouth neighborhood in the northern part of Portland, Oregon. It is bounded by a BNSF Railway cut on the western edge, Columbia Boulevard to the north, Lombard Street to the south, and Chautauqua Boulevard to the east.

The area around what is now Portsmouth Avenue and Lombard Street was originally laid out in 1883 by the “Portsmouth Real Estate Association,” a group of real estate agents. Despite the fact that a formal municipality was never founded in the subdivision, its homeowners’ association nonetheless referred to it as “City of Portsmouth.” The Electric Land Company bought the property in 1889 and used it to create the “Portsmouth Villa” subdivision. Identified areas and their names in Portland, Oregon “We have no idea what the developers in 1883 meant when they used the term “Portsmouth.” It’s possible that the phrase was chosen because of the area’s proximity to the Portland harbor’s lower end.”

It’s safe to say that the majority of the buildings in Portsmouth are homes. The New Columbia mixed-income housing development, which spans 82 acres, takes up a significant amount of the surrounding area. Columbia Park, McCoy Park, Northgate Park, and University Park are just few of the parks in Portsmouth. Towards its western edge, the Peninsula Crossing Trail can be found. César Chávez School, Rosa Parks Elementary School, and Clarendon Early Learning Academy are the three public schools that serve the Portsmouth area. The Charles Jordan Community Center serves the local residents.

Portsmouth (pronounced just like it’s spelled, the locals tell us) is one of several Portland neighborhoods that has seen an increase in population as a result of the city’s real estate market boom. There are lovely neighborhoods in Portsmouth, some with newly built or renovated homes that are stunning, and others that are still in the process of being developed.

The convenience of being close to public transportation and main roads is a huge perk for anyone living in this area. Its peninsula location in Portland makes the Willamette River and Smith Lake easily accessible. New Columbia, an 82-acre mixed-income housing complex, occupies a major chunk of the area, but there are also some lovely parks there where residents can take a break from their busy lives and enjoy the outdoors.

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