Commercial Cool Roofing

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commercial roofing contractors portland oregon
commercial roofing portland oregon

Commercial Cool Roofing

If your commercial property features a flat or low slope roof, then you can benefit immensely from our commercial cool roofing services. We at DK Commercial Roofing specialize in installing energy-efficient cool roof systems for corporations, warehouses, and other institutional buildings.  Contact us for a consultation and free estimate.

How do Commercial Cool Roofs Work?

Most commonly,  property owners experience rising costs due to energy expended in cooling down industrial facilities and multistoried office buildings due to heat from the hot sun. Cool roofs are made white in color or have a combination of different colors with special properties that help cut down energy costs through two mechanisms:

Let Portland commercial roofing install your cool roofing system. We also inspect and run maintenance operations on your cool roof system to prevent you from incurring unexpected expenses on roof replacement or repairs.

What Advantages Do Commercial Cool Roofs Offer?

Apart from the energy efficiency we’ve previously highlighted, commercial cool roof systems offer the following benefits:

  • Long life expectancy of the roof: Cool roofing systems can last between 10 – 40 years, depending on maintenance. Rest assured that DK Commercial Roofing has expert technicians who guarantee a quality, long-lasting installation.
  • Environmental-friendly: Using cool roofing systems reduces the energy supplied by production plants to power HVAC systems. Therefore, fewer greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere. We are a sustainable-friendly company that will help your business shift from traditional roof systems to sustainable products like cool roofs.
  •  Better interior comfort: By reflecting UV radiation and emitting heat, they regulate the temperature inside buildings. And don’t forget that cool roofs can effectively prevent a heat wave that might arise from the malfunction of HVAC systems.

So, don’t hesitate to shift from traditional roofing systems to environmentally-friendly commercial cool roofing systems. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

commercial roofing contractors portland oregon
commercial roofing contractors portland oregon