Seamless Commercial Roofing System

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Are you a property manager or commercial building owner that doesn’t have a seamless roofing system installed? There is a high likelihood of spending more on frequent roof repairs. You’d think that’s what other commercial real estate owners do, but it’s not. What’s so bad about seams? 

It’s simple – they make your roof susceptible to leaks because they can quickly lose adhesion and allow water to seep through. Also, it can be difficult for your in-house maintenance team to identify the sources of adhesion loss. However, you can get a seamless commercial roofing system from DK Commercial Roofing anytime and enjoy its various benefits. Request your free estimate today. If you’re looking for a commercial roofer Portland OR locals can depend on, look no further than us!

Our Approach to Seamless Commercial Roofing System Installation

Prep work: Our team wraps roof installations like solar panels and skylights and patches gaps or cracks to protect them from the subsequent application work. Thoroughly cleaning the accumulated grime, debris follows suit to provide a smooth surface.

Water membrane application: Our technicians spray a waterproofing membrane such as Asphalt emulsion at ambient temperature and overlay it with polyester fabric to reinforce it. The asphalt sips into any seams, sealing them off completely. This is followed by brooming to tighten the adhesive bond between the fabric and waterproofing membrane. 

Double Coating: We apply an acrylic coat to reflect the roof-baking UV rays from the sun and reduce temperature changes that might compromise the adhesive bond. It guarantees a long service life for your roof and tremendously cuts down future roof maintenance costs.

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