Buckman & Kerns

The Kerns neighborhood straddles the central and southeast Portland divides, sitting on the east bank of the Willamette River north of Burnside Street. Laurelhurst, Sunnyside, Sullivan’s Gulch, and Buckman surround it on all sides.

You couldn’t ask for a more ideal urban, artistic, and bike-friendly area for young professionals.

Buckman and Kerns, welcome to Portland’s quirky Eastside. Stunning residential neighborhood with charming tree-lined avenues and tranquil parks. If you’re a pedestrian or biker searching for a haven in the city, look no farther than the Buckman & Kerns neighborhood.

Stroll the picturesque streets, do some window shopping, and enjoy a glass or two in the sunshine… If you want to spend time in beautiful parks and open spaces, this is the right area for you.

The locals tend to be young, unmarried people in their twenties and thirties because of the district’s booming beer culture. Ideal for socializing and making plans for future outdoor activities. Whether you’re a swiper or a patient waiter, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell your friends about the dates you were on.

Have a good laugh until you weep at Helium Comedy Club, or relive your childhood in Electric Castle’s Wunderland, a museum dedicated to classic video games. Visit the Portland Night Market to enjoy regional cuisine and music. The point is made.

After a long night of partying, you and your furry friend can unwind in the Washington High Dog Park or Colonel Summers Park. If you want to know why Buckman & Kerns got a perfect score in Beauty & Parks, all you have to do is visit Eastbank Esplanade and take in the waterfront vistas.

Buckman & Kerns is a great place to live if you like going out, staying in, or being outside, thanks to its high rankings in these categories and its convenient access to both.

Given its proximity to Portland’s central business district, the neighborhood of Kerns is a densely mixed commercial and residential community. Due to its compact urban footprint, Kerns is home to a relatively low concentration of residences, most of which are older houses typical of the east Portland area.

Many of these once-single-family mansions have been transformed into condos, apartments, and other forms of multi-family housing. Large Craftsman-style bungalows and Portland-style four-squares adorn the streets away from the main shopping districts.

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