Mississippi Avenue

This area has the classic Portland vibe and is ideal for young families, hipsters, and young professionals.

Mississippi District, Mississippi Street, or the Mississippi Neighborhood are what the locals call it, even though Boise is the official name. Known for its abundance of fashionable stores, hip cafés, and food carts, this area of Portland is one of the city’s most popular.

There is a lot to see in this neighborhood, and you can’t miss it with this street’s vibrant murals. Just ten minutes north of the city center, this pedestrian-friendly strip offers trendy boutiques, well-known eateries, and enough people-watching to last a lifetime.

When you go out, do you enjoy having a plethora of restaurant selections to choose from? On this street, you may satisfy any craving. Have a raging craving for some southern cooking? If you’re craving traditional biscuits and gravy, head to Miss Delta Restaurant and Bar. Worried that you won’t be able to get any tasty gluten-free pizza in time? Visit Mississippi Pizza, a popular restaurant in the area. Ready to take a risk? Visit the well-known Quaintrelle, a farm-to-table restaurant known for its bold experiments. Mississippi Avenue has everything you could ever want to eat.

Discover the revolutionary Sunlan Lighting, home of “The Lightbulb Lady,” and the future of light bulbs. Visit Paxton Gate, the wacky store made famous on the Portlandia TV program. There’s a fascinating tale hiding in each of the stores on this street.

For its nightlife, dining options, and accessibility, Mississippi Avenue earns high marks. When you start griping about the high expense of living (Affordability: 2), you’ll really start to blend in. Experience authentic Portland in this odd, interesting, and colorful neighborhood.

If you find yourself in North Portland, you should definitely check out the neighborhoods along Mississippi Avenue. No one could ever accuse this location of being dull or uninteresting. Northeast Portland area is known for its abundance of arts and culture, and this neighborhood does not disappoint. Its businesses are stuffed with historical and architectural treasures, its walls are alive with splashes of color, and the atmosphere is electric.

This modern version of Mississippi Avenue is vibrant and multifaceted. Some say that Mississippi Avenue is the epitome of Portland, while others say that there is no better area to represent the city. The area wasn’t always the hub of activity it is now, though. In reality, it was just a few years ago that the buildings along the street were boarded up, and it seems unlikely that the area would once again thrive to become the vibrant neighborhood that it is now.

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