Hosford-Abernathy & Hawthorne

Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard is lined with unique gift shops, bookstores, and secondhand businesses, giving the area a bohemian feel. Diners, taco stands, and vegetarian restaurants are examples of the former, while bars, clubs, and breweries are examples of the latter, creating a vibrant nightlife. On top of an old volcano, Mt. Tabor Park offers stunning vistas of Portland and its surroundings, as well as trails for walking and biking.

Its neighbors are Buckman, Richmond, Creston-Kenilworth, and Brooklyn, as well as the Willamette River. Hawthorne Street, a major thoroughfare in the trendy Hawthorne District, is the northern boundary of Hosford-Abernethy. Within this community is the residential section known as “Ladd’s Addition.” Traveling downtown Portland by bus, bike, or automobile is as easy as a hop, skip, and a jump.

Hosford Abernethy is also spelled Hosford Abernathy, and the region is variously known as the Clinton, Clinton Street, Clinton District, and even the Clinton-Division area (Division-Clinton). No matter what you call it, people adore it.

Perfect for those in their twenties and thirties looking for an exciting, yet reasonably priced, community with its own distinct character.

Here are the top three finalists in your area: The hippie-friendly area of Hosford, Abernathy, and Hawthorne. A destination where laid-back daytime living and exciting nighttime activities coexist in perfect harmony.

There are plenty of unique decorations, clothes, and presents to be found in vintage stores. Unique restaurants and excellent secondhand stores line the streets for blocks. Get ready to drink in and sort through infinity. Experience the breathtaking vistas of the city from the peak of a dormant volcano. There are woodland paths, open space, and opportunities for exploration at Mt. Tabor Park, a public park that has been open to the public for a century.

The Portland Adult Soapbox Derby, which is exactly as crazy as it sounds, also takes place here. Race down the volcano in improvised cars to the sound of cheering fans and satisfy your thirst for speed.

The area is plenty of great places to eat, shop, and see a movie, whether you go to the local chain Fried Egg I’m in Love for brunch or the House of Vintage after work.

You get amazing perfect ratings in Public Transit, Walkability, Points of Interest, and Nightlife & Entertainment in Hosford-Abernathy and Hawthorne, and the areas also perform well in the categories of Affordability and Safety.

This vibrant area hosts everything from historic eateries and bookstores to fun-filled festivals you won’t forget. Get familiar with the locals by stocking up on the newest flavor of artisan beer and practicing your Pinball skills.

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