Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River serves as the boundary between Oregon and Washington, and the entire river is a beautiful scenic trip through some of the most scenic countryside in the country.

One of the most popular day trips from Portland, OR is to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which stretches across an impressive 292,500 acres along the longest river in the Pacific Northwest. The route includes scenic lookouts, hiking paths, and lock systems.

Multnomah Falls (which runs year-round), Oneonta Gorge, and Latourell Falls in Guy W. Talbot State Park are just a few of the waterfalls that attract many tourists along the route. Crown Point’s Vista House and the Angel’s Rest hiking trail are both worth a visit. Ainsworth State Park provides camping in the gorge.

One of the most stunning natural features in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is the Columbia River Gorge, a canyon cut by the Columbia River. Over 80 miles long and up to 4000 feet deep, the canyon is formed by the Columbia River as it weaves its way westward through the Cascade Mountains, separating Washington and Oregon.

The water gap is the only water connection between the Columbia Plateau and the Pacific Ocean, and it stretches roughly from the confluence of the Columbia and the Deschutes River (and the towns of Roosevelt, Arlington, and Washington, Oregon) in the east down to the eastern reaches of the Portland metropolitan area. Consequently, the gorge is traversed by the following: Interstate 84, U.S. Route 30, Washington State Route 14, and the railroad tracks on both sides.

The gorge is managed by the Columbia River Gorge Commission and the U.S. Forest Service as a National Scenic Area due to its high recreational value and protection under federal law.

Recreational activities like as walking, cycling, sightseeing, fishing, and even water sports are common in the gorge. Over 90 waterfalls can be seen on the Oregon side of the gorge, making it one of the most waterfall-rich regions in the world. The famous Multnomah Falls, which is 620 feet tall, is only one of many attractions along the Historic Columbia River Highway. The Forest Service and numerous state parks in Oregon and Washington care for trails and day use areas.

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